Dr. Dennis H. Palabrica

Acting Executive Director


Office of the Executive Director

Glenn Carl V. Andalahao – Accountant III / Chief IAU 

Kristine C. Cubero – Budget Officer II / BAC Member

Daireen O. Go – Planning Officer II / BAC Member

Ritchel J. Quisadio – Admin Assistant III / Cashier


Genetics Resources and Improvement Division

Honey Fe C. Gumay – SRS II/ Acting Chief, GRID/BAC Member / TWG Chairperson

Ariel O. Vilar – SRA / Chairman/ BAC Secretary

Jose M. Remollo – Science Research Assistant (JO)

Divine Grace C. Tubigon – Science Aide (JO)


Crop Management Division

Meynard P. Abello – SRS II / Acting Chief, CMD / BAC Member

Gilber D. Rance – SRSI / Property Officer / OIC, General Services

Luzmary O. Refugio – SRA / Alternate Inspector Gemma A. Labayo – Science Aide / Liason Officer

Guiman M. Manalindo – Science Research Assistant (JO)


Rubber Technology and Extension Division

Ricarte V. Castro – CSRS / BAC Chairman

Girlie R. Saludo – Training Specialist III / Acting Admin Officer / Personnel Officer / BAC Member

Claire Nova O. Abdulatip – SRS II / Inspector / BAC Member / TWG Member

Julius G. Biolango – Training Specialist II

Evenezer Al R. Esmael – SRA / BAC-TWG Member / ICT In-charge / Canvasser

Allan Boy L. Tabigue – Training Assistant I (JO)

Jenny Rose C. Cubar – Science Research Assistant (JO)

Francis Xam D. Poblacion – Laboratory Aide(JO)


Administrative Staff

Jean O. Pormadas – Science Research Assistant (JO)
Mary Ednalyn M. Delos Reyes – Administrative Aide II (JO)
Irene P. Sancha – Administrative Assistant (JO)
Rammark B. Monjardin – Adminstrative Aide II (JO)
Julinda C. Naigar – Administrative Aide IV (JO)
Dave Justin Y. Pagunaling – Driver II (JO)
Margie O. Insisto – Administrative Aide IV (JO)
Marial Luisa O. Gonzales – Administrative Aide IV (JO)
Lovely Lyn T. Carpio – Administrative Aide IV (JO)
Romneel F. Bacon – Administrative Aide IV (JO)



Nerio T. Alap-Ap – Farmworker II (JO)
Ruderick Lagunay – Farmworker II (JO)
Santiago Barot – Farmworker II (JO)
Johmar B. Luab – Farmworker II (JO)
Christoper T. Bolhano – Farmworker II (JO)
Trixer Himaya – Farmworker II (JO)
Elmer Serania – Farmworker II (JO)
Jemson B. Luab – Farmworker II (JO)
Edwin Fuentes – Farmworker II (JO)