Collection of Rubber promising and potential clones(Special Projects)

Researcher –Honey Fe C. Gumay and Jose M. Remollo III (on-going) Germplasm collection have provided original materials for plant breeding program and crop improvement. Because of their genetic diversity and possible occurrence of particular desirable genes, germplasm collection are useful targets to plant breeders. Recently, many of germplasm are being lost worldwide due to habitat – continue reading

PRRI- IRRDB Multilateral Clone Exchange Trial (Special Projects)

Researcher –Honey Fe C. Gumay (on-going)         The Multilateral Clone Exchange Program has been organized by the International Rubber Research Development Board (IRRDB) to preserved potential clones of good performance. Thus, popular clones evolved in different countries are being introduce to member countries and evaluate under the local agro climatic conditions. Fifteen countries under IRRDB – continue reading

Phenotypic Diversity of Small-Scale Hevea Germplasm Grown in PRRI Nursery at their Juvenile Stage (Completed )

Researcher –Honey Fe C. Gumay and Jose M. Remollo III           Proper identification of rubber clones plays a vital role in crop management system and research. Although clones do not exhibit highly distinct variations. Most of them possess differences in certain minor, but more or less stable morphological features which can be used for identification. – continue reading