August 10, 2023 || Davao City

The fourth day of the workshop commenced with the highly anticipated ANRPC Technical Meeting. association continued its mission to fortify plant protection measures within the rubber industry. The meeting focused on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning to strengthen plant protection efforts, address critical challenges, and chart a course for robust plant protection practices.

Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala set the tone for the meeting by delivering a warm welcome remark. This gesture symbolized the spirit of unity and cooperation that defines ANRPC’s collaborative efforts.

The Secretary-General of IRRDB provided an impactful introduction, shedding light on the significant impact of diseases across rubber-producing countries under the International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) and Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC). The briefing highlighted the urgency of coordinated efforts in combating plant-related challenges.

The first part of the meeting was the election process for the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Technical Secretary, pivotal roles that would drive the Technical Committee’s efforts over the next two years. This election aimed to ensure strong leadership and strategic direction. Among those elected were Dr. Tri Rapani Febbiyanti as chairperson (Indonesian Rubber Research Institute), Dr. Shaji Philip as vice-chair (Rubber Research Institute, India), and Dr. Jill Villanueva as technical secretary (Philippine Rubber Research Institute).

Dr. Murnita Binti Mohmad Mahyudin (Malaysian Rubber Board), the outgoing technical secretary, presented an overview of global pest and disease incidence, enriched by members’ contributions to the summary sheet. Representatives from different countries shared their insights on pest and disease scenarios, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the industry.

The meeting engaged in deliberations regarding the comprehensive brochure on Circular Leaf Spot Disease and other new projects aimed at mitigating plant-related challenges. This section emphasized the role of collaborative efforts in addressing plant protection concerns. Participants also discussed and considered emerging matters that warranted attention, reinforcing the meeting’s commitment to staying adaptable and responsive to the evolving landscape.

The meeting concluded by discussing the host for the next meeting, along with tentative dates and venues. This forward-looking agenda item emphasized the sustained commitment to advancing plant protection efforts.

The ANRPC Technical Meeting 2023 showcased the industry’s dedication to fostering resilient plant protection practices. The discussions, decisions, and collaborative spirit underscored the industry’s collective commitment to safeguarding rubber cultivation from challenges posed by diseases and pests.

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