Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala recently had a courtesy meeting with OIC-Regional Executive Director John Pascual of DA-RFO XII. In their meeting, another collaboration between PRRI and DA RFO XII was forged.

It can be recalled that the partnership between DA RFO XII and PRRI started in March of 2022 when sattelite station was established in DA-ARES through the efforts of the previous OIC-Executive Director Roger O. Bagaforo.

During their meeting, OIC-RED Pascual promised another 10 hectare land to be used by PRRI in the Aroman Station. According to ED Eusala, this land shall be developed as a rubber nursery, alongside serving as a site for research and a model farm focused on rubber production.

ED Eusala conveyed heartfelt appreciation to RED Pascual and the entire DA RFO XII team for their unwavering support towards PRRI and its goal to expand rubber production in the country. The forthcoming memorandum is set to solidify and formalize this partnership, signaling a promising future for the rubber industry in the region.