In display of dedication to the advancement of the rubber industry, Director Junel Soriano of the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) embarked on a visit to the Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI).
With a warm and enthusiastic demeanor, Director Eusala wholeheartedly congratulated Director Soriano on his recent re-appointment as director of DA-BAR. Director Eusala shared her own background, highlighting her long-standing association with the local government unit of Makilala. She expressed her keen interest in rubber research, emphasizing that her personal inclination towards rubber farming had developed during her early years in the LGU.
Director Eusala emphasized the significance of BAR’s membership on the PRRI Advisory Council. She informed Director Soriano that PRRI is currently requesting new representatives from downstream and upstream sectors to be included on the advisory board. This move aimed to ensure comprehensive representation and diverse expertise for the growth and development of the rubber industry.
Responding to Director Eusala’s update, Director Soriano shared that BAR has been providing financial budgetary support for research conducted by PRRI. This assistance underscores BAR’s commitment to fostering innovation and enhancing the capabilities of PRRI in its research endeavors.
Underpinning the essence of PRRI’s functions, Director Eusala emphasized their unwavering commitment to providing production support services, extension support, and conducting research aimed at the holistic development of the rubber industry.
Delving into the technical aspects, Director Soriano expressed his curiosity about the suitability of different regions in the Philippines for rubber planting. In response, Director Eusala revealed PRRI’s proactive approach to collaborate with various agencies, including the Philippine Space Agency, to conduct studies related to suitability mapping. The findings will serve as a valuable guide for prospective rubber farmers, leading them towards prosperity in their chosen areas.
Director Soriano also expressed his eagerness to attract industry investors to the flourishing rubber sector in Mindanao. Director Eusala unveiled PRRI’s plan to establish village-level processing facilities, recognizing the pivotal role of a robust rubber value chain. She shared PRRI’s plans to kickstart small-scale processing activities, envisioning a vibrant village where the complete rubber value chain comes to life, starting with the manufacturing of gaskets. This bold initiative aims to create economic opportunities and breathe new life into local communities.
While acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead, Director Soriano commended PRRI for its progress and increasing budget. The growing financial support reflects the government’s unwavering dedication to uplifting the rubber industry and fostering its research efforts. Both directors commit to work together to propel the rubber industry to new heights through collaboration and innovation, unlocking the full potential of the sector.
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