“In culmination of the 18-day Campaign To End Violence Against Women, PRRI places great emphasis on the pivotal role that men play in addressing and eradicating violence against women. We firmly believe that achieving a world free from violence requires the active involvement and commitment of men alongside women. Every woman has the inherent right to live a life free from fear, harm, and discrimination. It is imperative that men recognize their responsibility in creating a safe and equal society for all. By actively challenging harmful attitudes, behaviors, and societal norms, men can contribute significantly to ending violence against women.

As one PRRI, We advocate for a world where women can live without the threat of abuse, where they are treated with respect and dignity, and where their contributions are recognized and valued.

Let us work together to forge a path towards a #vawfreephilippines

-Cheryl L. Eusala PRRI Executive Director III