The Philippine Rubber Research Institute’s (PRRI) Rubber Technology Extension Services and Division (RTESD) is actively extending its new and improved rubber production technologies to all rubber-producing regions. In line with this mission, the PRRI-RTESD Team, composed of Dr. Girlie Saludo and Mr. Gilbert Rance, recently conducted a Capacity Development Program to 30 Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) in Brgy. Manicahan, Zamboanga City, on April 11-12, 2024.

Upon the request of the Office of the City Agriculturist, the training team went to Brgy. Manicahan to focus on equipping Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) with the latest advancements in rubber production with emphasis on the cultural management and Pests and Diseases Management. As a result, it is expected of these empowered AEWs to effectively relay their acquired knowledge and skills to guide rubber farmers in their respective barangays.

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