PRRI celebrates its 12th Founding Anniversary with the theme: “Innovating Technologies for Sustainable PhilRubber Industry.”
The preliminaries began with a motorcade and right after in the office lobby, the PRRI Praise and Worship Team offered Songs of Thanksgiving. Pastor Jerry Lapiz of Victory Ipil shared a short exhortation, a message of thanksgiving and encouragement to abide with God amidst all hardships. He ended with a prayer of blessing for the office.
The program proper formally started with the singing of the National Anthem and was followed by the acknowledgment of all invited guests and dignitaries by the Masters of Ceremonies, Mr. Jess Bryan Alvariño and Ms. Elline Macay. Mr. Glenn Carl V. Andalahao, OIC-Chief of Admin and Finance, delivered the opening remarks. He shared that PRRI is an overcomer of setbacks, innovators and enablers.
The presentation of PRRI R4D&E activities was done by Ms. Honey Fe G. Boje, OIC-Chief of Genetics Resources and Improvement Division (GRID). She presented the mandates and goals of PRRI. She also touched on the overview of the functions and the major programs and the PRRI 2022 Performance Targets.
RFO IX Regional Executive Director, Rad Donn L. Cedeño expressed his thanks and gratitude that PRRI is one with DA. In fact, he considered PRRI as his closest family member. He acknowledged the efforts of OIC-Executive Director Girlie Saludo to connect with him. Furthermore, he promised to secure funding for the soon-to-rise PRRI building within the Research Division Complex. He said that PRRI presence is now slowly being felt by the rubber masses. He is looking forward to more cooperation with PRRI, especially with the change of administration. He wished PRRI to continue doing good things for the rubber industry and ended his speech with congratulatory remarks.
OIC-Chief of Crop Management Division (CMD), Mr. Meynard Abello presented the Milestone of PRRI. He shared the notable accomplishments from the year 2015-2022, the list of terminated projects, and the 2022 highlight accomplishment. His presentation highlighted the launching of the satellite station in DA-ARES Aroman, Carmen, Cotabato.
Some of the visitors are partners with PRRI. As such, they are given time to offer their message of support. Dr. Josephine Migalbin, Consortium Director of SOCCSKSARGEN Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Consortium (SOXAARRDEC) is very happy with the accomplishments of PRRI. PRRI is always sending their representative, so she cannot afford to not attend the anniversary. She assures support for whatever endeavor PRRI may undertake in the future. Dr. Merlyn Luza of Jose Rizal Memorial State University (JRMSU) – Tampilisan extended her message of gratitude. She mentioned about the Multilateral Clone Exchange Program that was granted to them. She was positive that they will have a chance to hold another project such as this. Dr. Rosalie M. Perez, of the Western Mindanao Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Consortium (WESMAARRDEC) is jubilant that PRRI is a member of the consortium. She vows to be supportive of PRRI’s journey. She is optimistic that PRRI will craft more R4D&E projects that is useful for the rubber stakeholders. The last message of support was coming from the former OIC-Executive Director, Engr. Roger Bagaforo. He shared a brief history of the missed details of PRRI humble beginnings. Moreover, he was thankful for the three productive months of working at PRRI.
The inspirational talk was given by Chairman Leonardo Caperida of the Regional Agricultural and Fishery Council (RAFC). He was positive that many changes will happen to PRRI, especially with the coming new of administration. He believes that everything that PRRI plans will come to be materialized.
OIC-Executive Director, Dr. Girlie R. Saludo reminisced on how PRRI was before way back 2015 and how it struggled to sustain its existence. Her message was that unity will create an opportunity to bring rubber-related concerns to its desired ends. She urges the PRRI family to remain strong amidst all challenges. Moreover, she was grateful to all the partners, the PRRI family, and the Almighty God who made things possible.
OIC-Chief of Rubber Technology and Extension Services (RTESD), Engr. Evangeline P. Garcia made sure to close the program by acknowledging all guests and thanking them for celebrating with PRRI its historic milestone – the 12th year PRRI Founding Anniversary.