July 27, 2023/Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
In a significant step towards agricultural development, OIC-Provincial Agriculturist Engr. Wesley Sayson of Zamboanga Sibugay met with Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala of the Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI) to discuss the proposed 20-hectare rubber project slated for implementation in FY 2024. This agricultural initiative is set to take root in Brgy. Culasian, Titay.
During the meeting, Engr. Sayson revealed his vision for transforming the 20-hectare land into a multi-faceted rubber complex, encompassing a rubber nursery, budwood garden, and rubber farm. This initiative aims to bolster the local rubber industry, ultimately contributing to the economic growth of the region.
Director Eusala was receptive to the proposal and suggested the possibility of establishing a 1-2 hectare model farm in the same area. This model farm would serve as a blueprint, showcasing best practices in rubber farming such as the use of improved rubber technology, and serve as a practical learning ground for aspiring rubber farmers.
To fund the project, Engr. Sayson has earmarked an estimated 2 million pesos from the Provincial Agricultural Office’s budget for FY 2024. This financial commitment highlights the province’s dedication to revitalizing the agricultural sector and exploring the potential of rubber farming in the region.
To ensure the success of the venture, Director Eusala emphasized the importance of proper planning and execution. She advised Engr. Sayson to create a comprehensive rubber development program, complete with a site development plan. Furthermore, Director Eusala stressed the significance of allocating a budget for pest and disease management to safeguard the rubber trees’ health.
“When you establish a rubber farm, do it right from the start,” said Director Eusala. Proper land preparation using modern machinery will not only optimize the yield but also shield the province from potential losses caused by root diseases that may arise in the future. PRRI pledged its assistance in establishing the model farm of the province. This collaboration is expected to foster knowledge-sharing and ensure that the project follows best practices in rubber cultivation.
As the meeting concluded, both Engr. Sayson and Director Eusala expressed optimism about the potential of the proposed rubber project. If executed successfully, this endeavor could mark a significant turning point in the agricultural landscape of Zamboanga Sibugay and serve as a shining example of sustainable rubber farming for other regions in the Philippines.
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