Director Cheryl Lazaga Eusala

It was a momentous occasion as the Philippine Rubber Research Institute celebrated its 13th Anniversary. The executive director of the bureau, Dr. Cheryl L. Eusala, graced the event with her presence and delivered a compelling speech that was filled with insights and perspectives on the state of the rubber industry in the Philippines. Her address was not only informative, but also engaging, as she eloquently expressed her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.

“A pleasant afternoon everyone. Our distinguished guest, our honorable First Lady Governor of Zamboanga Sibugay – the author of PRRI, the lovely and energetic Dulce Ann K. Hofer, LGU representatives, representatives from the national line agencies, and our rubber stakeholders and cooperatives, to my humble and hardworking fellow public servants here in PRRI, let us celebrate the 13 years of PRRI!

We have many reasons to celebrate. PRRI has achieved successes! Importantly, we are still here to overcome more challenges ahead, and open more possibilities!

For the coming year, let PRRI be “Overcoming Challenges, Advancing Technologies, and Building Opportunities for the Rising Rubber Industry.”

Now it is an honor and privilege to stand here before you to renew our commitment.
We will have an assured budget of 126 million pesos next year 2024, that is 186% increase from our current 44 million pesos. Additional budget is till key likely when Congress and Senate Budget Hearings come. This marks a transition from infancy to adolescence.

This a clear support for our policy shift towards implementing the Improved Technology in Rubber Production. We expand our research initiatives, develop innovative technologies, and extend our services to the farthest corners of the country.

We thank our mother unit, the Department of Agriculture, our older and wiser bureaus and agencies as our big brothers for assisting us our needs.

With the Pestalotiopsis challenge at hand, we remain positive and hopeful that we eventually treat and manage this rubber disease. No known treatment yet in the world is found for its effective eradication. But, we will prevail, as the saying goes.

Meantime, we are happy for the participation of our partners LGUs to monitor and control its spread. Quarantine posts are being established, and biosafety measures introduced.

We envision a better life for our rubber farmers, and the rubber industry becoming among the major drivers of our economy. PRRI must handmaid the realization of such.

That is why, we will collaborate with our universities, research institutions, and even TESDA to continue to advance rubber production technologies. We are likewise interested to partner with LGUs, government agencies, business sector, processors, and farmers to expand the value streams and opportunities of rubber.

We are building a future here. But there is no other mandate than to make it brighter!

Mabuhay tayo! Mabuhay and PRRI!”