The training team headed to Brgy. Sas Gutalac, Zamboanga Del Norte to conduct CAPDEV for a two-
day training in Gutalac, Zamboanga Del Norte. Their group dubbed as SAFLO or Sas Agricultural
Farmer’s Livelihood Organization welcomed the team when they first arrived on that rainy
afternoon. LGU Municpal Agriculturist Seno Paulikan expressed his deep gratitude to PRRI for
selecting Brgy Sas as recipient of the training program. In behalf of the SAFLO President, Mrs.
Rodencia Cañete, the Vice President formally welcomed the training team saying they are very much
eager to hear and listen for this was the first rubber training they ever had.
Mr. Ronie Magdua, Science Research Assistant of Crop Management Division (CMD) lectured on the
establishment of immature rubber plantation in the first half of the 1 st day activities. In the
afternoon, the organizational management was presented by Ms. Girlie Saludo focusing more on the
Organizational Concept. She organized a group engagement workshop for the activity that discusses
about the weaknesses and strength of the organization. As a result, the participants were able to
identify their flaws thereby making them more aware of what they need to work out inside of their
niche. Mr. Julius Biolango tackled on the issues that confronts every organization on the subject
People Management Principles and Practices. Along with this, discussions were centered on
personhood of an individual and how he relates to society. Enlightening presentations and
interesting visualizations were incorporated in the course of the discussions to keep the participants
glued and interested in the topics.
Module 2 composed of Establishment and Management of Nursery of Rubber Nursery and Budwood
Garden, Pest and Disease Prevention and Latex Harvesting were profusely abridged by the Mr. Magdua, the only technical personnel in the team.