Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay – September 4, 2023

In an effort to strengthen its research and development activities, the Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI) held a two-day one-on-one consultation with its Technical Adviser,  from September 04-05, 2023. The retired general, who is also a professor at the Development Academy of the Philippines with a specialization in research and community development, shared his vision of turning the rubber industry into a “sunrise industry” within the country.

General Gaite expressed his hopes and expectations during his message to the PRRI staff before the consultation, emphasizing the importance of conducting research and development activities that would breathe new life into the industry. He stressed the need for innovation to benefit rubber farmers and the industry as a whole. General Gaite also emphasized the importance of sharing these innovations and research findings beyond the confines of the PRRI office or the Department of Agriculture, ensuring that the entire industry would reap the rewards.

The one-on-one consultation, which took place in preparation for the upcoming Pre-Inhouse Review of the FY 2024 Research Proposals scheduled for September 26-27, 2023, aimed to enhance research proposals and optimize the allocation of resources to support the development of the Philippine rubber industry.

In total, 17 proposals were presented during the consultation, categorized under three themes: rubber production, crop management, and technology innovations. These proposals represent PRRI’s commitment to addressing the industry’s pressing issues, exploring innovative solutions, and ultimately fostering growth and sustainability.

General Agosto Gaite’s involvement and guidance have further strengthened PRRI’s resolve to revitalize the Philippine rubber industry. The one-on-one consultation serves as a crucial step towards achieving this vision, aligning PRRI’s efforts with the goal of ensuring a prosperous future for rubber farming in the Philippines.

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