North Cotabato//October 10, 2023

In a significant move bolstering regional agricultural development, Mr. Ding M. Sultan, the Agricultural Center-Chief III of the Department of Agriculture-XII (DA-XII), met with PRRI’s Executive Director, Dr. Cheryl L. Eusala, earlier this week. In a gesture that underscores the growing partnership between the two entities, Mr. Sultan favorably granted PRRI’s request for the utilization of an additional land area within the Aroman Research Experimental Station compound.

This collaboration is aimed at augmenting PRRI’s goals for FY 2024 to establish an additional 100 hectares of rubber plantation using improved technology. This expansion is in line with the bureau’s mission of producing 55,000 quality planting materials to support local rubber farmers. The timely provision of the land is pivotal for PRRI, especially with the rubber seed fall expected between September and October this year.

Dr. Eusala also expressed her gratitude to DA-XII for previously allowing PRRI to set up a satellite station in DA-ARES since 2022. Reiterating PRRI’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of agricultural practices, Dr. Eusala assured Mr. Sultan that the land would be used efficiently and sustainably, adhering strictly to the terms and conditions set by DA-ARES.

The collaboration between PRRI and DA-XII, as facilitated by leaders like Mr. Sultan and Dr. Eusala, reflects the mutual dedication to advancing the agricultural landscape in the region. As the rubber industry is poised for significant growth, partnerships like these signals a promising future for farmers and the local economy at large.