San Juan, Metro Manila – On June 22, 2023, Director Cheryl L. Eusala of the Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI) delivered an inspiring keynote address as the guest speaker and inducting officer during the PRIA 2023-2025 Induction of Officers and General Membership Meeting. Director Eusala’s presence was marked with great significance as she was also granted the  status of Honorary Member within the group.

The event, held in San Juan, Metro Manila, witnessed a significant change in leadership within PRIA. The previous president, Sir Gabriel Cornelio E. Igot, handed over the reins to the newly elected president, Ma’am Ellen Tan-Go of Farma Industries Incorporated. The transition of leadership symbolizes a fresh chapter in PRIA’s commitment to advancing the rubber industry.

During her address, Director Eusala emphasized the critical importance of establishing direct connections between rubber farmers and processors to bolster the rubber industry. She acknowledged the strength of the downstream sector, which boasts prominent rubber processing companies, and identified the quality of rubber produce from smallholder farmers as a key aspect to be addressed. Highlighting PRRI’s commitment to supporting and guiding rubber farmers, Director Eusala assured attendees that the institute would stand alongside them on their journey. She stressed the need for smallholder rubber farmers to adopt appropriate technologies to enhance production and ensure the delivery of high-quality rubber.

Under the leadership of Ma’am Ellen Tan-Go, PRIA aims to further strengthen the bond between rubber farmers and processors. As the new president, she brings  experience from her role at Farma Industries Incorporated, a leading player in the rubber processing industry. Her appointment signifies the industry’s recognition of her expertise and ability to drive positive change.

The PRIA 2023-2025 Induction of Officers and General Membership Meeting provided an opportune platform for Director Eusala to share her insights and expertise with the industry’s key stakeholders. Her presence as the guest speaker not only shed light on the challenges faced by rubber farmers but also conveyed a message of hope and encouragement.

The Philippine Rubber Research Institute continues to serve as a catalyst for innovation, spearheading initiatives that enhance the competitiveness of the rubber industry. The institute aims to bridge the gap between rubber farmers and processors, ensuring a sustainable and thriving rubber industry for the Philippines.

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