January 23, 2024 || Quezon City

PRRI Executive Director Cheryl Lazaga Eusala and Usec. Mercedita A. Sombilla, from the DA Bureaus had a two-hour consultative meeting to address the challenges faced by the rubber industry and discuss ways to revitalize it.

During the meeting, Director Eusala and Usec Sombilla had a detailed and productive discussion for two and a half hours. They talked about the support and assistance needed by rubber farmers, as well as the overall development of the rubber industry. One important topic they focused on was the value chain development, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the industry’s sustainability and growth.

The discussion mainly revolved around three key areas: ensuring a sustainable income for farmers, providing high-quality planting materials, and improving the readiness of organizations involved in the rubber industry.

Director Eusala assured Usec Sombilla that PRRI is committed to providing superior quality planting materials to rubber farmers. They also discussed the importance of finding alternative sources of income for farmers while they wait for their rubber trees to mature. This would help ease their financial burdens during that time. They introduced the concept of “rubber roots equal money” to motivate farmers and encourage them to see rubber production as a reliable source of income.

Another topic discussed was the idea of establishing satellite offices closer to rubber-farming communities. This would improve the bureau’s reach and support, benefiting regional farmers more effectively. To determine the practicality and economic benefits of this initiative, they agreed to conduct a feasibility study.

The meeting highlighted the urgent need for transformative measures in the rubber industry. It is clear that the industry is heading towards transformation and sustainable income generation. PRRI is fully committed to leading this transformation and establishing a strong presence in key areas to revolutionize the rubber industry.

– Thom Cruz