DOST-PCAARRD recently conducted monitoring of the two implemented research projects of DA-PRRI, entitled (1) Assessment of various rubber-based cropping systems for enhanced production of smallholder rubber farmers in different climatic types of the Philippines; and (2) Artificial Intelligence-Based Diagnostic Clinic for detection and monitoring system for the management of rubber diseases and insect pests.
This activity ensures the optimal utilization of resources and the delivery of quality research projects through a systematic examination of the projects’ objectives, strategies, and execution by providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the projects. Also, this aims to identify areas for projects’ improvement and further development.
Director Cheryl L. Eusala welcomed the monitoring team from DOST-PCAARRD led by Dr. Marcelino U. Siladan, John Benrich M. Zuniga and Engr. Roger O. Bagaforo, one of the technical experts on rubber; and she also expressed gratitude for their continuous support. The PRRI technical staff presented the updates of the two projects and the evaluators then gave insights in refining the implemented project to provide necessary technologies for the rubber smallholders’ benefit. A field visitation was then conducted in GARBEMCO to visualize the current situation of rubber-based cropping systems adopters.
The evaluation of the implemented projects is a collaborative effort between DOST-PCAARRD and PRRI, demonstrating strategic partnerships, knowledge sharing, and evidence-based decision-making through identifying emerging rubber industry priorities and directing resources to areas that require attention and investment. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to have a robust and sustainable rubber industry in the Philippines.
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