As PRRI geared towards treating Pestalotiopsis in Basilan through the Quick Response Fund approved by the DA-Central Office, strategic planning is essential to initiate the treatment effectively on the ground. Hence, one of bureau’s game plan is to technically equip its staff on how to combat the disease in the province. Thus, PRRI invited Dr. Leonard S. Legarda to facilitate the Calamity Response Planning Workshop for Pestalotiopsis held last April 15-16, 2023 in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay. The workshop aimed to equip PRRI staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a comprehensive response plan in the event of a Pestalotiopsis outbreak.
Dr. Legarda, a renowned expert in local government management and disaster response who currently serves as a local government employee in Makilala, Cotabato, provided valuable insights on how to effectively manage and respond to a crisis such as the Pestalotiopsis outbreak in Basilan.
One of the key components of the workshop was the formulation of an Incident Command System (ICS), which consists of five major management functions including the Incident Command, Operations Section, Planning Section, Logistics Section, and Financial/Administration Section. Dr. Legarda emphasized the importance of ICS in mobilizing people and resources to make immediate intervention measures against the disease.
The workshop was attended by PRRI staff from different departments, including research, extension, and administrative divisions. The participants actively engaged in discussions and exercises that helped them understand the roles and responsibilities of each ICS function, as well as the importance of effective communication and collaboration in responding to a crisis.
In addition to the ICS, Dr. Legarda also discussed the importance of risk assessment and contingency planning in developing a comprehensive response plan. He stressed the need for PRRI to continuously monitor and evaluate the situation to identify potential risks and implement appropriate measures to prevent further spread of the disease.
The workshop provided PRRI staff with a valuable opportunity to learn from an expert in local government management and disaster response. The knowledge and skills gained from this workshop will enable PRRI to develop a more effective and efficient response plan to combat the Pestalotiopsis outbreak in Basilan.
The successful conduct of the Calamity Response Planning Workshop highlights the commitment of PRRI to addressing the challenges facing the rubber industry in Basilan. With the cooperation and collaboration of experts in the field, PRRI is well-positioned to provide practical solutions to ensure the sustainability and growth of the rubber industry in the region.

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