February 12, 2024 | Diliman, Quezon City

PRRI Executive Director, Dr. Cheryl Lazaga Eusala attended a meeting among bureau directors last February 12 at the 3rd-floor Old building PPO Conference Room, Department of Agriculture – Office of the Secretary presided by Dr. Mercedita Sombilla, Undersecretary for DA Bureaus. The meeting gathered key figures from various bureaus within the agricultural sector.

Among the notable attendees were Mr. Mara Belinda N. Cruz and Asst. Director Ruel C. Gesmundo from DA-BPI, Engr. Ariodear Rico from BAFE, Ms. Karen Kristine A. Roscom, Ph.D., from DA-BAFS, Junel B. Soriano, Ph.D. from BAR, and Mr. Bernard James from DA-ATI.

The meeting agenda encompassed several crucial topics, with a focus on consolidating efforts and insights to propel the agricultural sector forward. One of the primary discussions revolved around reviewing the minutes of the recent 2-day workshop held during the Internal Budget Conference. This session provided a platform for participants to reflect on the outcomes of the workshop, identify key takeaways, and strategize on how best to implement the proposed initiatives.

Another significant point of discussion centered on evaluating individual contributions to the banner programs within the agricultural sector. Participants engaged in meaningful dialogue, sharing insights and experiences on how they are actively contributing to these flagship initiatives.

During the meeting, Director Eusala also took the opportunity to present highlights of the 2023 PRRI Accomplishment Report. The report showcased the achievements and milestones reached in the previous year, serving as a testament to the collective efforts of PRRI in driving positive change and progress in the Philippine rubber industry.