In a bid to maximize resources, harmonize efforts to avoid duplication, and enhance the impact of programs and projects, the Department of Agriculture (DA) recently organized a meeting to explore potential synergistic activities among concerned agencies. The meeting, which was attended by Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala, brought together key figures from various divisions and bureaus within the department. Putting together the resources of collaborating agencies, the primary purpose is to effectively address poverty alleviation among the target population. 

During the meeting, attendees discussed the possibility of agencies merging together their current support for farmers and fisherfolks. This collaboration could take different forms, such as production, and livelihood interventions. By pooling their expertise and resources, the agencies hope to address various aspects of agricultural development comprehensively.

Director Eusala underscored the importance of sustainability in the collaborative efforts. She emphasized the need to empower farmers and communities, promoting self-reliance and sustainability rather than fostering a sense of dependency on the projects. In addition, she called for clear guidelines to govern the implementation of these collaborative projects, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Asec. Arnel De Mesa, also present at the meeting, instructed the team to establish a Project Steering Committee at the Management Level. This committee will provide guidance and oversight for the collaborative projects, ensuring effective decision-making and efficient resource allocation. Furthermore, a Technical Working Group composed of the Directors will be formed to facilitate communication and coordination among the different agencies involved.

This pilot project aims to directly benefit the target population by bringing together the interventions which focus on key agricultural areas, and providing them with comprehensive support. By combining their efforts, the proposed multiparty project is purposely for poverty alleviation of the targetted population.

As the meeting concluded, the attendees expressed optimism regarding the potential impact of the collaborative activities. They pledged to work together closely, ensuring that the collaborative projects will deliver tangible and sustainable results for the farming communities they serve.

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