Southern Tagalog, Philippines – Director Cheryl L. Eusala of the Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI), together with Sir Gabriel Cornelio E. Igot, Chairman of the PhlRubber Technical Working Group, and Dr. Marcelino Siladan of DOST-PCAARRD, recently paid a field visit last June 21, 2023 to the expansive rubber plantation owned by the Southern Tagalog Rubber Producers Cooperative (STaR-Pro Coop). The visit aimed to address the cooperative’s pressing request for enhanced support in village-level latex processing techniques and the marketing of their semi-processed products.

STaR-Pro Coop, comprising numerous rubber plantations, had expressed the need for assistance in refining their operations and techniques regarding village-level latex processing, as well as marketing their semi-processed rubber products. Recognizing the significance of their request, Sir Gabriel Cornelio E. Igot facilitated the connection between the cooperative and Director Cheryl L. Eusala.

During their visit, Director Eusala and the team thoroughly evaluated the current state of the rubber plantation and engaged in constructive discussions with the cooperative’s representatives. Recognizing the immense potential of STaR-Pro Coop, Director Eusala pledged that PRRI would conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify areas for improvement and devise appropriate interventions.

Furthermore, Director Eusala firmly committed to prioritizing STaR-Pro Coop for support and training in village-level latex processing techniques. This specialized training will equip the cooperative’s members with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their rubber processing capabilities and effectively market their semi-processed products. By empowering the cooperative with improved techniques and marketing strategies, PRRI aims to uplift the entire rubber industry in the Southern Tagalog region.

Expressing their gratitude for the promised support from PRRI, representatives of STaR-Pro Coop emphasized the importance of acquiring the proper operation and techniques for village-level latex processing, as well as effective marketing strategies. They recognized that obtaining the necessary training and guidance would enable them to maximize their rubber production potential and meet the growing demands of the market.

As the rubber industry continues to expand, it is through initiatives like the visit to STaR-Pro Coop that the PRRI, under the leadership of Director Eusala, reinforces its commitment to providing practical solutions and technical expertise to rubber farmers across the country. This collaboration between PRRI, and STaR-Pro Coop holds the promise of a stronger, more prosperous rubber industry in the Southern Tagalog region and beyond.

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