May 10, 2024 – Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay || The Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI) celebrated with jubilant hearts its 14th founding anniversary alongside the “Bagong Pilipinas” town hall meeting with the Theme: “GOMAlaw at Makiisa: IkaLabing-Apat na Pagkakatatag para sa Pag-gogoma, Tungo sa GOMA-gaang Buhay Hatid ng Bagong Pilipinas.” which took place on May 10, 2024 at the Emerald Hall, Badsbrotel Suites, Pangi Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay. The main attraction of the event is the presence of the “real bosses” – the beloved rubber farmers.

This is definitely the most joyous and festive anniversary celebration of PRRI since its inception. The hotel was filled with a full range of emotions – from overwhelming gratitude to admiration because we have been lucky enough to be graced by the presence of the author of PRRI Act of 2010, our very own Provincial Governor of Zamboanga, Dr. Ann K. Hofer. Moreover, she recommitted to her vow once again as PRRI started this year with a bang. In fact, Gov. Ann Hofer gave her word that she would support the leadership of ED Eusala all throughout the way. She also participated in the ceremonial ribbon cutting for the launching of two activities: the Intelligent Rubber Insect Pest and Disease Diagnostic System (IRISDD) and the search for the Oldest Rubber Tree in the Philippines all over the country.

The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr. who was represented by Director Eusala served as the keynote speaker. In his speech, Secretary Tiu emphasized the critical role of PRRI in agricultural development and stressed the need for collaboration and innovation in the rubber industry to eventually benefit Filipino farmers and the economy as a whole.

The event, held with great enthusiasm, garnered support from various government agencies and featured a diverse range of programs.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the overwhelming support from different Department of Agriculture (DA) offices and other government agencies. Messages of encouragement and solidarity poured in. Support and appreciation were expressed in many ways for PRRI’s contributions to the agricultural sector and beyond.

The festivities also included a ‘Serbisyo Talk’ segment where DA officials and representatives from other government bodies shared insights and offered their services directly to the public. This interactive session was the perfect opportunity for people to talk and work together, to show the community that we are all in this together and that we are all working towards the same goal, which is sustainable development and community empowerment.

Along with contributing to the fun of the event, the ‘Serbisyo

Caravan’ was also organized in which visitors were offered free services. Clinic services such as dental check-ups, haircuts, and legal advice were made available to the participants. This not only helped them stay healthy but also created feelings of care and support within the community.

In addition to this, the launching of the Intelligent Rubber Insect Pest and Disease Diagnostic (IRISDD) system was another highlight of the event. This groundbreaking tool is going to change the manner in which the rubber industry deals with pest and disease management, being a testimony to PRRI’s research-based approach and technological advancement.

In an effort to boost heritage and conservation a contest, called ‘Hunt for the Oldest Rubber Tree in the Philippines’ was also included. ‘ This interesting activity not only was the colorful history of rubber farming in the country, but also showed the importance of preserving biodiversity and traditional knowledge.

At the end of the day, Dr. Cheryl Eusala, the Executive Director of PRRI, was very pleased with the event’s success and thanked the whole PRRI team for their joint efforts. The 14th Founding Anniversary would never have been realized if not through unity and harmony within all of PRRI, of course having the top priority – the welfare of our beloved rubber farmers. Director Eusala is making it sure that our activities are aligned with the national government programs, thus highlighting the institute’s efforts to be part of the reforms and progress of the nation.

#TungoSaBagongPilipinas! Mabuhay ang PRRI!

Mabuhay ang Philippine Rubber Industry!!!