PRRI Conducts Collegial Review of Research Proposals

By: Julius Biolango


The Philippine Rubber Research Institute (PRRI) has undertaken its first ever Collegial Review for Research Proposals last November 9-10, 2017 at Roderic’s Resort, Taway Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay. The opening program started with the singing of a doxology song and followed by a national anthem. Ms. Marry Joy Flores introduced the participants and the panel of evaluators. The panel of evaluators comprised of the following: Dr. Analiza Lopez; Engr. Dennis Palabrica; and Ms. Marry Joy Flores.


 The Officer-In-Charge Director, Engr. Dennis Palabrica delivered a short message. He said that he was able to attend the finalization of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Rubber. Furthermore, he realized that there is still a great need for more research projects to be conducted by PRRI. He was adamant in saying that this endeavour is indeed a big challenge for everyone. Subsequently, he reiterated what the former Acting Executive Director, Mr. Rodolfo Galang said saying that PRRI is still young to conduct research but Engr. Palabrica, conversely said that we are not to wait when they will get older for them to make  good research.  He was saying implicitly that they should start now while they are still young. He furthered, “We should start by challenging ourselves to conduct valuable research.” He reminisced when he attended International Rubber Research Development Board (IRRDB) recently in Indonesia that PRRI is among the youngest of all research institutes.  In so far as research is concerned, all research they have conducted are just simple research (e.g. stimulants and right tapping slope).  On a positive note, the OIC Director was hopeful that PRRI could take off next year -2018. He stressed out that by this time there should already be tangible outputs of research projects conducted so that PRRI’s budget allocation will be justified.

The table shows the research proposals that have undergone collegial review:  


Title Researcher
Growth and Yield of Rubber Trees Applied with Different Fertilization Rates Honey Fe Gumay
Management of Rubber Termites Infestation Caused by Coptotermes Curvignathus using Phytoinsecticdes Meynard Abello
Yield Performance of Rubber as Influenced by Application of Different Rainguards Claire Nova Ovalo
Profiling of Rubber Stakeholders in the Philippines Luzmary Refugio
Assessment of Effluent Treatments in Natural Rubber Processing Plants in

 Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte

Jean Pormadas
Effects of Conservation Pits on the Growth and Yield of Mature Rubber Roman Dagdag
Effects of Rubber-Based Cropping Systems on the Growth and Yield  Performance of Rubber  in Upland Area Daireen Go
Phenotypic Diversity of Small-Scale Hevea

Germplasm Grown in PRRI nursery in their

Juvenile Stage

Jose Remollo III
Assessment of the Growth and Yield as Intercropped with Other Agricultural Crops Daireen Go
Assessment on the Effectiveness of Rice Hull Gasifier Powered Creping Mill   and Electric Creping Mill Claire Nova Ovalo
Growth Performance of Rubber Latex Timber Clones Under Selected Mining Areas in Zamboanga Peninsula Gilbert Rance
Assessment of the Efficiency of Equipment

and Procedures for Rubber Processing



Claire Nova Ovalo
Efficacy of Indigenous Botanical Fungicides

 against White Root Rot Disease of Rubber


Meynard Abello


These research proposals will serve as a milestone for PRRI. By the year 2018, PRRI is expected to go on full throttle loaded with programs and activities for the benefit of all rubber stakeholders. Hence, it is with great anticipation for the newly appointed personnel/researchers to be working hard to cope with the time period given to them to fulfil their duties and obligation most especially in conducting and implementing their research projects. Hopefully this year 2018 will be a productive jumpstart since PRRI has been in operation for about three (3) years now.


“Let us move fast!” is the last and final say of the new OIC Director, challenging and giving encouragement to pursue relentlessly the goal and mandate of PRRI for the following years.  PRRI still has a long way to go to reach the top. With the new administration under Engr. Dennis Palabrica as OIC Director, PRRI has a clear auspice pointing towards its greater development as an organization and the augmentation of the Philippine rubber industry in its entirety.