On January 23, 2024, Dr. Cheryl Lazaga Eusala, the Executive Director of PRRI, paid a courtesy visit to the office of Senator Cynthia A. Villar. The purpose of the visit was to share PRRI’s plans for the year 2024 and beyond, as well as to engage in a consultative meeting. To address the pressing challenges PRRI is facing, the meeting provided a platform to discuss critical issues and seek additional funding and support for PRRI’s activities.

Led by Executive Director Eusala, PRRI engaged in fruitful discussions with Atty. Rhaegee B. Tamaña, Senator Cynthia Villar’s Chief of Staff. The primary objective was to cater the needs of rubber farmers and present PRRI’s initiatives to seek support. The focus of the discussions was on the concerns of the rubber industry, particularly the well-being of the farmers and technological advancements. The meeting also highlighted the challenges faced by the industry, such as the Pestalotiopsis Leaf Fall Disease (PLFD), technology issues, and the importance of timely interventions to support rubber farmers

During the consultative meeting, the incorporation of modern technology into rubber industry plantations emerged as a vital element for enhancing productivity and ensuring long-term sustainability. PRRI aims to leverage innovative technologies to improve efficiency and quality throughout the production process, ultimately driving the industry forward.

This meeting between PRRI and the office of Senator Cynthia Villar marked a significant milestone in addressing the multifaceted challenges within the rubber industry. With full support from its key rubber stakeholders, PRRI is now well-positioned to overcome obstacles and foster a thriving rubber industry in the Philippines.

Stay tuned for more updates as PRRI continues its journey towards a more resilient and prosperous rubber industry.