Barangay Aroman’s 79th Founding Anniversary took on a special meaning this year with the concurrent celebration of the 1st Indigenous People’s Day. PRRI joined the celebration with a spirit of indigenous pride, as some of its Aroman staff are proud IP members. PRRI’s active participation in this activity served as a powerful symbol of unity between the organization and the indigenous community.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala, PRRI’s commitment to social engagement and cultural preservation shone through, particularly with our beloved rubber farmers who are considered to be least among the marginalized sectors. As such, we show them respect and concern and we also extend assistance in any form we can.

The gathering has called and united together the farm workers, BLGU-Aroman staff and officials led by Barangay Captain Hon. Cecilio J. Apostol, and Timuey Arsenio Ampalid, the Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of North Cotabato. Also, PRRI staff, including Supervising Science Research Specialist, Mr. Meynard P. Abello and Liaison Officer, Mr. Guiaman M. Manalindo participated in the said event.

This event marked a significant moment for the Manobo-Erumanen community. They showcased their unique cultural heritage during the baranggay’s anniversary by playing traditional musical instruments. This celebration not only honored their traditions but also strengthened Republic Act (R.A.) 8371, the “Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act of 1997,” by promoting awareness and respect for Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

PRRI’s participation once again exemplified genuine Filipino solidarity, cultural harmony, and appreciation.