In a recent Research Partnering Workshop organized on June 20-22, 2023 by the DA-Crop Biotechnology Center (DA-CBC), dedicated to developing Biotech R&D programs for various crops, a team of researchers from PRRI presented their innovative Rubber Biotech R&D program. The program aims to secure potential funding and offers a comprehensive strategy to tackle the prevalent issue of Pestalotiopsis leaf fall disease in rubber plantations. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the capabilities of PRRI facilities and staff in conducting biotechnology-related R&D activities. The team includes Mr. Jess Bryan M. Alvariño, Ms. Honey Fe G. Boje, Dr. Jill D. Villanueva, and Ms. Ma. Nita Roldan.
The workshop witnessed active participation from proponents representing prominent academic institutions such as Central Luzon State University, University of Mindanao, University of Southern Mindanao, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)-ICROPS, UPLB-Institute of Plant Breeding, and Visayas State University. Evaluators from the DA-Biotechnology Program Office, DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research, and UPLB provided valuable insights and feedback.
The proposed Rubber Biotech R&D projects aim to revolutionize the rubber industry by addressing the pressing challenges posed by Pestalotiopsis leaf fall disease. By leveraging biotechnological advancements, the program seeks to develop effective interventions and strategies that will safeguard rubber plantations and improve their overall productivity and sustainability. Furthermore, PRRI is committed to enhancing its research facilities and providing comprehensive training to its staff, enabling them to undertake cutting-edge biotechnology-related research.
The dedication of the PRRI research team, combined with the invaluable contributions and support from workshop participants, provide a strong foundation for the successful implementation of these rubber biotech initiatives. Together, we can overcome the challenges and propel the rubber industry towards a prosperous and sustainable future.
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