On December 15, 2023, the PRRI Family gathered at Jackie’s Hotel and Restaurant for a memorable Year-End Party and Employees’ Night, and what a night it was! Starting promptly at 5 PM, the event embraced the “Wild, Wild West” theme, turning the venue into a lively frontier of celebration.

The festivities began with an inspiring opening speech by our esteemed Executive Director, Dr. Cheryl Lazaga Eusala. Setting the tone for the evening, she expressed that this gathering was a well-deserved break for all of us who have worked tirelessly throughout the year. “This is our time to enjoy and give something back to ourselves,” she declared, igniting the spirit of celebration among the partygoers.

A significant highlight of the night was the inaugural presentation of the “Years of Service Awards” to recognize the pioneers who have dedicated their time and efforts to PRRI. This historic acknowledgment added a touching and meaningful element to the celebration.

The evening also featured the much-anticipated “PRRI Got Talent” segment, with each division presenting their unique acts. The crown for the night went to the Genetic and Resource Division (GRID), whose hodgepodge performance elicited thunderous cheers from the crowd. Special mention goes to the unforgettable “Mr. Kembot” contest, where the Admin and Finance Division’s (AFD) Mr. Rico Manalac emerged victorious after a spirited question-and-answer portion.

The event concluded with the much-anticipated gift exchange, adding an extra layer of thrill and joy to an already festive atmosphere. Many went home with smiles on their faces, grateful for the generosity of PRRI and the thoughtful planning by our management, led by Executive Director Eusala.

In the end, the Year-End Party and Employees’ Night were more than just a celebration; they were a testament to the unity, dedication, and camaraderie that define our PRRI family.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and the vision of our leadership, this Christmas will be remembered as one filled with happiness and shared moments.

Wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead and may the spirit of unity and joy continue to inspire us in our endeavors!

– Julius Biolango