In the aftermath of the Direction Setting and Planning Workshop conducted last January 8-9, at Stonehills, today – January 17, 2024, PRRI is now on the concluding part of finalizing its strategic directions for FY 2024, 2025, and 2026. This pivotal phase is a precursor to a crucial presentation scheduled for the following week, where the Executive Director, Dr. Cheryl Lazaga Eusala, will bring the outcomes to Undersecretary Sombilla of DA Bureaus and Senator Villar, seeking additional budgetary support.

Director Eusala set the tone by emphasizing the imperative of swift progress, advocating for the development of shovel-ready proposals for the year 2025. Emphasizing the need for sustained dedication throughout the year, the Director urged the team to consistently deliver their best performance.

The workshop presentation unfolded with the Crop Management Division (CMD) taking the lead as the first presenter, meticulously covering all six workshops. Subsequently, the Genetic and Resources Improvement Division (GRID) followed suit, aligning their presentations with the division’s strategic targets. The Rubber Technology and Extension Division (RTESD) took the spotlight as the third presenter, and the Admin and Finance Division concluded the sequence.

Each division’s presentation was met with invaluable comments and suggestions, predominantly from Director Eusala herself. This collaborative feedback aimed to guide the divisions toward the successful attainment of their specific targets. While encouraging the teams to set ambitious goals, the Director provided a grounding perspective, urging them to remain cognizant of the realities encapsulated in the issues and concerns presented.

The thorough scrutiny of each presentation extended the event’s duration, underscoring its critical role in shaping the merit of the impending budget call. This comprehensive approach ensures that the proposals align not only with ambitious objectives but also with the practicalities that define the landscape of challenges and opportunities within the rubber industry. The success of this workshop is pivotal in securing the necessary funding that will propel PRRI towards its envisioned advancements and sustained growth.

Cheers to a more productive year 2024 and beyond for PRRI and the Philippine rubber industry as a whole!

– π‘±π’–π’π’Šπ’–π’” π‘©π’Šπ’π’π’‚π’π’ˆπ’