The province’s rubber industry is seriously threatened by Pestalotiopsis Leaf Fall Disease, putting the rubber plantation of the province at risk requiring the creation of the provincial executive order. When infected planting materials are moved, the disease may spread rapidly, threatening the industry as a whole. The challenge is addressed by the executive order, which temporarily bans the movement of rubber plant parts and planting materials within Zamboanga Sibugay. The main goal is to prevent the spread of the Pestalotiopsis leaf fall disease of rubber.
In order to spread information of the executive order, PRRI has placed tarpaulin signages in key sites along Zamboanga Sibugay’s border areas. These signages are meant to inform the general public about the temporary ban and the importance of following it. A key component of the provincial executive order is the requirement for stronger biosafety and quarantine procedures. To prevent the spread of the disease, it is important to cooperate with the appropriate authorities and comply to the disease control protocols.
The tarpaulin signages are there to remind the public about the temporary ban and to gently encourage individuals who are engaged in the rubber sector to follow the provincial executive order. Because these measures are important in preventing the spread of the Pestalotiopsis leaf fall disease, PRRI requests the public participation, complete support, and understanding of these initiatives.