Cotabato Province//October 9, 2023
COTABATO PROVINCE – Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala recently made pivotal visits to various officials in the Province of Cotabato, affirming the commitment of the Philippine Rubber Research Institute to tackle pressing challenges and foster collaborations in the rubber sector.

A Fruitful Exchange with Department of Employment-Cotabato’s Director

In her meeting with Dir. Ernie Coloso of DOLE-Cotabato, the focal discussion revolved around the TUPAD program for areas affected by the Pestalotiopsis Leaf Fall Disease (PLFD). Director Coloso underscored the fact that the TUPAD initiative in the province will be funded by DOLE-Region XII. More so, during this meeting, ED Eusala also and Dir. Coloso also talked about future TUPAD collaborations for farmers affected by PLFD. The initiative has garnered the backing of Governor Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza. Demonstrating his commitment, he has expressed the province’s readiness to allocate funds. PRRI has his strong support for the TUPAD program’s implementation, echoing the sentiments and requests made by ED Eusala.

Strengthening Ties with the 3rd District Reprentative Hon. Ma. Alana Samantha T. Santos

ED Eusala’s courtesy visit to the office of the 3rd District Representative, Hon. Ma. Alana Samantha T. Santos, was also marked by significant discussions. During the visit, the Executive Director shared crucial insights from the PRRI research and various initiatives related to rubber production. Representative Santos voiced her steadfast support for the growth and sustainability of the rubber sector in the province. The interaction further solidified the relationship between the two parties, with a mutual aim to advocate policies addressing industry concerns and explore collaborative avenues in Cotabato’s rubber sector.

A Constructive Meeting in Matalan Municipality with Mayor Oscar M. Valdieso
In another strategic move, ED Eusala met with Mayor Oscar M. Valdivieso in the Municipality of Matalam. The core agenda of the visit was the treatment of PLFD in the locality. The meeting, attended by Dr. Wilfredo Juloya and his team, delved into the procedures for withdrawing and distributing supplies for treatment and the TUPAD program for beneficiaries in Matalam. Mayor Valdivieso conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to ED Eusala, lauding the consistent support extended by the PRRI in combatting the PLFD infection plaguing their municipality.
These visits, collectively, symbolize a renewed dedication towards collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships that aim to uplift the agricultural prospects of the Province of Cotabato.