Panabo City, Davao || September 7, 2023
Executive Director Cheryl L. Eusala and Senior Undersecretary Domingo F. Panganiban accompanied by Regional Executive Director Abel James Monteagudo, recently made a visit to Anflo Industrial Estate (AIE) to see the progress of the HEAD company’s construction of a state-of-the-art raw rubber processing plant and tennis ball factory. During their visit, Ms. Macy Bibat, representing AIE, provided a comprehensive overview of the industrial estate and presented key details regarding HEAD’s venture in the region.
In the meeting, Mr. Wendel Bacus, the Financial Controller of HEAD company, shared exciting news about the project’s potential impact on employment. It is projected that once the plant becomes operational next year, more than 700 job opportunities will be created, further contributing to the economic development of the area. HEAD will invest approximately 3 billion pesos in land, buildings, and equipment for this project. Their planned processing plant aims to source out raw materials from local farmers; approximately HEAD will consume around 4,000 tons of dry rubber per year.
This significant project is expected to bring substantial benefits to both the smallholder rubber farmers and the rubber industry as a whole.