April 02, 2024 | Cotabato Province

Executive Director Eusala recently attended the State of Provincial Address of Emmylou “Lala ” Taliño-Mendoza to continuously forge partnership with Cotabato Province. Governor Lala has been instrumental in the institute’s efforts to promote the rubber industry within Cotabato. Since the establishment of PRRI’s experimental station in Aroman, Cotabato, the governor has actively facilitated the institute’s endeavors, recognizing the potential of rubber production to contribute to the province’s economic growth. The provincial government of Cotabato has also been very supportive of PRRI’s initiative to establish a nursery in the PRRI Experiment Station. Their support was instrumentalized by lending PRRI an excavator for nursery operations, as well as providing a budwood garden as source of budsticks.

It is now vivid that joint efforts can lead to significant advancements in agricultural research and development.

With more plans underway, the bureau hopes that its partnership with Cotabato Province will continue to flourish not only for the local rubber farmers but for the neighboring provinces and even regions as well.

-Elline Macay-Ahig